Focus and balance…your outfit

I think everyone should invest in a full length mirror.  It could be the difference between wearing those electric blue pumps with the same electric blue color A-line dress and the blue scarf, that you love, or breaking the color with a patent leather black pump or maybe a skinny belt.  Granted all of the blue pieces are adorable (and match perfectly), but it’s an electric blue bomb…too much.  Let the color of the dress …

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White shoes with a side of curl

I cannot think of a really good reason (not immediately off the top of my head) that anyone should every wear white dress shoes.  White tennis shoes or other casual shoes, I can understand.  But I’ve never been a fan of white dress shoes.   Where are you supposed to wear them?  Church, I suppose (ugh, is church somehow the place where fashion goes to die?!? that’s not cool).   I’ve seen them in the …

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Yellow Church Suits and other ridiculousness

Style for me has not always been easy.  It’s a learned process to know what works well together, what compliments something, and what is plain out ridiculous.  I didn’t always know that “church” clothes were not the same as work clothes.   My first day of work on my very first job, I wore a pale yellow untailored skirt suit with shoulder pads, some “not my flesh”-tone stockings, and brown “church” shoes.  I was hopeless.  …

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New Services Available!

Research shows that our senses prefer a holistic view and perception of things, meaning a person is considered attractive or beautiful only when all features add up to something really pleasant to the senses. Why not “makeup” your full image. Capri Brand personal branding includes: A full image consultation Professional and Social presentation Tips on how to be remembered Your personal “business card” – how you present yourself as a business