You are the Master of Interchangeability

Think of a pie chart when you think about your wardrobe. Split it up into segments: Neutral basics, solid colors, and prints / textures. If you have that ratio in your closet, then you won’t have to stress out every time you go to your closet to try and mix and match.  There are certain wardrobe staples that I would recommend for every man and woman’s wardrobe.  And if I could only pick 5 items (which is tough for me), I would suggest the following 5 items:
For women:
1.Classic skirt or tailored pant
2.Closed-toe black pumps
3.An adaptable suit jacket/blazer
4.An adaptable dress (can transition from day to evening)
5.Well-tailored white button down
Women wardrobe essentials
For men:
1.A black or navy blazer
2.Classic tailored shirt(s)
3.Black or Brown shoe
4.Black or Brown belt (or a reversible one with both colors)
5.A gray tailored suit (you can interchange the pants with your blazers)
Man in suit
You can take just these few pieces and interchange them to create different looks, especially when you add different color shirts or blazers into the equation.  I am not suggesting that you keep your wardrobe limited to these few pieces, but you start from there and grow.

And here is a Bonus for men: What piece of clothing should mean match their socks to?

1. Shoes

2. Pants

3. Or shirt?

socks match shoe socks match pantsMen Socks and shirt match

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happy shopping