June 2017

Fully Commit

Fully commit. Two simple words my sister casually expressed to me in a conversation about some of her newer dance ventures.   Her intent was to share how those words helped her decide on her next move; the result was my epiphany.  Something I had not done with my many endeavors.  And how could I, with so many endeavors.  So these simple 2 profound words led me to understand something even more deep: I cannot do […]

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I am enough. We spend a lot of our time in life comparing ourselves to others.  Trying to make sense of our own story sometimes means looking around to find a point of reference.  There’s nothing wrong with understanding others’ stories, but there is something very wrong with trying to make your story look like others’ stories.  The problem comes when you spend more time looking outside than within. I’ve always wanted the “perfect story”

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