What is
Worthy of

Often as ambitious women, we pour so much of ourselves into others what we do not take the same amount of time or effort to restore ourselves. This 8-week transformational experience is for those women who need to take time to hit the pause button and pour back into themselves.

Our mission is to help women shed their socially-conditioned image of what their life should be and embrace the unrestrained imagination that comes with living a spiritually-led life of alignment.

Meet your facilitator

Coach Myra Capri

A champion for women aligning with their power and embracing their gifts, Myra is a former operations executive turned transformational wellness coach and facilitator.

Her background beautifully blends strategy, operations, professional & personal development and women’s empowerment.

Program Details


8 Weeks of 90-minute live coaching sessions


An intimate cohort of ambitious women who want to live a life of flow and alignment, connect with a deeper appreciation of self, and feel more confidence and joy.


You will walk away with a clear vision and gameplan on how to experience wellness in all areas of your life.