“I believe in women’s personal power to have an undeniable impact on this world, and I want to help them embrace it”

Who we are

We exist to help women shed their socially-conditioned image of what their life should be and embrace the unrestrained imagination that comes with living a spiritually-led life of alignment.

I Coach

Real. Relevant. Relatable.

Capri Brand coaches women on how to live a life of flow and alignment. We provide women a safe space to share their true desires and return to the essence of who they are without judgment or expectation. This practice is REAL, RELEVANT, RELATABLE, and empowers women to confidently live a life of purpose. 

Women can expect to:

  • Feel more confident and fulfilled
  • Play big and unmuted
  • Let go of fear-based excuses
  • Become spiritually aligned with their purpose
  • Find real joy
  • Gain more energy and zest for life
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I Speak

I speak to students, organization leads, employees and executives on the power of their personal brand.  My dynamic presence and interactive approach keeps the audience engaged and allows them to walk away with practical tools that they can apply right away.  Although my content targets women, the message transcends gender You own your personal brand and have the tools to make it as powerful as you intend.

I Teach $ Train

Investing In Your Team Is an Essential Part of Growing Your Organization

Investing in your team is an essential part of growing your organization.  Let Capri Brand teach your group and prepare them for the next level of leadership.  

My story

Move from socially conditioned to spiritually aligned. 

What guides you? How do you determine what partner you pick, what clothes you wear, what job you have, and where you live? As women, we are constantly bombarded with messages about what we should do and want. For most of us, our lives have been carefully built around societal expectations and our desire to be accepted. So much so that what we have has nothing to do with what we want. 

I was stuck in that cycle of social conditioning for a long time. I found myself in relationships and a career that didn’t align with me but checked all the right boxes. For a little while, I enjoyed exuding the perception of ‘having it all’. Over time though, it began to weigh on me. I was deeply unsatisfied with living a life that didn’t fit the vision I had for my life.

When I decided to get out of that rut and align with a life that fit my vision, I stopped defining my desires based on social conditioning and started seeking what made me feel spiritually aligned. I went from valuing what society told me was important to embracing my desire for a job that connects me to my purpose and more honest relationships. 

Everybody is deeply worthy of more than we can ask or imagine.

My question for you is, what are you asking for and why? Is it rooted in what is true to you?

I started coaching because I know how it feels to play by someone else’s rules, and I don’t want that for you. I want you to live a life filled with purpose and connection so you can feel genuine joy and excitement about your life. I know it’s possible because I’ve found it for myself, and I want to help you find it too!


“There’s a special moment when the mentor becomes the protégé which is necessary for growth. That moment has arrived in my relationship with Myra which has helped in my evolution as a leader.

First she was instrumental in the designing of my professional look so there was an intentional strategy with how I showed up in spaces. Secondly, she recently worked with me to identify the tendencies that were keeping me from taking advantage of my God-given gifts as a faith driven entrepreneur.

In this new season, I am so grateful to be moving forward with energy and intentionality to fulfilling my mission thanks to my work with Coach Myra.”

Cornelius Williams
Resurgence CEO

“Myra provided relevant and informative information to help employees build their personal brand. Her cool and collected delivery was very relatable. I walked away with several tips to implement immediately to be a better me.”

Ashley Layne, Ed. D.
Program Director- Office of Engagement, Atlanta Public School