Why I Birthed
Capri Brand

Who is Coach Myra Capri?

About Me

Hi, I’m Myra.  A fun-loving woman of purpose with lots of love to share with the world, especially other ambitious women who sometimes “do too much”.  I started Capri Brand thinking it would be a makeup business, and it has evolved into a personal brand and coaching practice where I help women who may not realize that they are enough as they already are tap into their inner beauty  and personal power. 

Capri is my middle name and the word ‘Capri’ means visionary or having an unrestrained imagination.  And it is appropriate for the vision of the work that Capri Brand does.  I can envision and see beauty in everything and enjoy the art to beautification; finding, cultivating, and polishing that beauty is a personal journey that I join with you to provide you the tools you need to reach self-mastery.I work with ambitious women who may need help adjusting their lens of where their value lies and how they can show up unapologetically in their personal power.  You may be struggling with listening to lies that we tell ourselves which manifests as “doing too much”, negative self-talk, or people pleasing.

Ultimately, my purpose is to accept and create a safe space for you to tap into your innate beauty without judgment or expectation so that you can feel confident to fulfill your purpose. 

I cannot wait to work with you to help you see your true beauty and come to accept your value as you already are.