Myra face bare

I am enough.

We spend a lot of our time in life comparing ourselves to others.  Trying to make sense of our own story sometimes means looking around to find a point of reference.  There’s nothing wrong with understanding others’ stories, but there is something very wrong with trying to make your story look like others’ stories.  The problem comes when you spend more time looking outside than within.

I’ve always wanted the “perfect story” to tell about my life that I thought made sense.  Something that was easy to explain to others.  Sharing the highlights…the sunny skies…the filtered selfies.  Something free of challenges, setbacks…but not reality!  And that was not real, open, honest.

I’ve recently learned to accept my reality and embrace every aspect of it.  That acceptance has allowed me to be me.  To be free.  With no filter.

I am enough.  and so are you.

So begins my “naked” journey.  A journey to expose truth, insecurity, fear, epiphanies, brilliance, hope, and other pieces of life.  It is not like me to be transparent, as I am usually very private.  But I’ve been compelled to take this journey. To share my life with you in short stories, blogs, pictures.  I pray that it opens others up to be just as transparent.  real.  open.  honest.  naked.

There’s freedom in honesty.

There’s liberty in nakedness.


– capri.