Great friend, glass of wine and a closet full of clothes – Another satisfied client…

I recently spent time with a great friend, someone who I have learned a lot from and received support throughout my career, and had the opportunity to return the favor of service…a Capri Brand wardrobe consultation.

This friend is not at all clueless when it comes to buying great pieces of clothing, as she has a great selection of pieces that anyone would enjoy rummaging through and pulling together a fun flirty fit.  As did I.  So, in essence, occasions such as these don’t feel like work at all.  They are quite fun.  Here is my checklist:

1. great friend – check.

2. glass of wine – check.

3. great conversation – check.

4…and a closet full of clothes and shoes – double check.

So, what did we pair up? We took a vintage crimson velvet blazer, some jeans, and matching crimson colored heels, and called that our evening outfit – great for drinks with friends.

We also put together a few more fits – a pair of distressed jeans, nude pumps and an army green wrap shirt; as well as, a black fitted cocktail dress with embroidered hosiery and patent leather platform pumps.  Lots of great fits that gave her options to play with.

But our featured piece is the outfit you see below which she wore to an award ceremony honoring one of her friends in NYC – a classic navy suit with a fur-collared jacket.  And she wore it BEST!  Nails, accessories and all.

I couldn’t have wore it any better, even if I had picked it out myself 😉

Ro Lawson 2 Ro Lawson Makeover

Whenever you want a Capri Brand consultation, call us. It’ll be all worth it – just saying.

– capri.