What Does It Mean To Be Resilient?

In Honor of 9/11 What does it mean to be resilient? When I looked up the meaning of resilience, I learned that it is ‘the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress’ or ‘an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change’.  In physics, resilience is the ability of an elastic material to absorb energy (such as from a blow) and release that energy as […]

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Our dark skin

Loving the skin you’re in. Hey September! I’m soaking up all of this beautiful black femininity.  Of all shades. I remember growing up as a little girl, uncomfortable in my skin.  Not just being a black female, but one of a darker complexion.  I was just joking with my barber yesterday about how I had to develop a lot of character and personality to counter the reality that my complexion was not sexy during my adolescent years.  The topic

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I am power.

  i am power. Power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. Plainly stated: you can influence the course of events in your life. God gave us that power.  To influence the course of events in our lives.  I never understood that as a child.  I was taught that everything is pre-determined, already written…so it made me unsure of the power of my existence. 

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I am alone.

i am alone. once i learned to accept this, life made more sense.  it’s not an admittance of alienation nor sadness, it’s a liberation from a quest for finding completeness in others.  because it wasn’t happening for me.  i realized that companionship is not the opposite of loneliness, companionship is a feeling of fellowship…just that, a feeling.  Intimacy, not companionship, is the opposite of loneliness.  Intimacy is a different quest and one that most of

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I am relevant.

i am relevant. Someone recently asked me which celebrities were my clients.  It was an assumption, not a question. That was their way of determining my relevance.  Or even credibility.  I simply responded “none really”.  The everyday woman, the single mother, the superwoman, the minority entrepreneur, the dope artist…those are my clients.  If a celebrity falls into one of these categories, cool.  I don’t define myself by that.  And I don’t feel like I must

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