I am power.



i am power.

Power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.

Plainly stated: you can influence the course of events in your life.

God gave us that power.  To influence the course of events in our lives.  I never understood that as a child.  I was taught that everything is pre-determined, already written…so it made me unsure of the power of my existence.  But life later revealed that even though my life is already written, I helped write it.

I’m still writing it now.

My mind and thoughts created this existence.  It creates the reality that I experience while going through these “pre-determined” life events.

There is power in your belief in yourself.  The difference between you and your best-imagined self is pure perseverance.  Your faith in that image of yourself.  Your mind conquering temporary realities to ultimately achieve longterm goals.

Power to me is more than your influential capability.  Power is also a verb.  It means to move or travel with great speed or force.  Power is active.  Power is movement.  It requires your energy, first mentally, then physically.  And it has great speed.  It cannot be stopped.

Power is resilience.  Power is knowing your story and understanding that you are an amazing individual built with an undeniable fervor and tenacity.  Built with a capability to withstand all odds.   Power is an action word.

Power is present tense.

– capri.