I am relevant.


i am relevant.

Someone recently asked me which celebrities were my clients.  It was an assumption, not a question. That was their way of determining my relevance.  Or even credibility.  I simply responded “none really”.  The everyday woman, the single mother, the superwoman, the minority entrepreneur, the dope artist…those are my clients.  If a celebrity falls into one of these categories, cool.  I don’t define myself by that.  And I don’t feel like I must perpetrate as if I do. I would rather just be myself and love what I do.  And chase passion, not people.  Chase dreams, not fame and fortune.  In the past, I was in this space where I felt like I needed to do what was popular, and that landed me nowhere.

Personally, I don’t think I can meet another unpassionate “music producer” in Atlanta without feeling an acute repulsion…for those that are just jumping on the bandwagon, it feels dis-genuine, as if they aren’t digging deep enough.  That’s probably not even their true passion (no offense to those that are true to their passion and are truly talented in music).  Some others just want a King they can see.  A passion that is popular.  It’s much easier to say “I do music” than saying “I want to start a leadership academy to coach young under-resourced high-potential women”.  But I imagine that’s what audacious faith is for: Knowing your relevance.  Knowing you’re relevant. K(no)w matter what.

– capri.