Focus and balance…your outfit

I think everyone should invest in a full length mirror.  It could be the difference between wearing those electric blue pumps with the same electric blue color A-line dress and the blue scarf, that you love, or breaking the color with a patent leather black pump or maybe a skinny belt.  Granted all of the blue pieces are adorable (and match perfectly), but it’s an electric blue bomb…too much.  Let the color of the dress do what it does naturally, stand out.  No need to take the attention off the key piece that is doing fine without any extra (blue) help.  My signature in an outfit are key focus pieces.  I think it creates balance, and I love balance.

In order to balance in life, you have to focus in on one point (that’s what I learned by taking yoga classes).  So let’s apply that to fashion.  In your everyday fashion, find what area or item you want to be your focal point and flaunt it.  If you have too many focal points, it’s hard for people to know what to compliment you on 😉  I had a hard time watching the TV show “The View” because multiple people were talking over each other at once; granted, I liked all of them and they were all of quality, I just didn’t like them all talking at the same time…and all saying very loud things!  Such is my approach to fashion.

The full length mirror will work wonders in helping you see a full balanced outfit.  You won’t have to piece things together in bits, you can look at an outfit in its entirety, and know whether it’s balanced or not.

Here’s a few great mirrors for example:



west elm:

– capri.

woman-looking-in-mirror Girl in mirror in blue dress