In the world of fashion, rules are made to be broken.  And these rules vary by what’s trendy and hot.  For example, mixing prints, patterns and textures is currently trendy, where in the past, that was considered tacky and labeled a “don’t”.  You would see someone wearing a polka dot sweater and a pinstriped pencil skirt (with various color patterns as well) and you would cringe; now we approve and applaud.

I think if you are going to do a contrast, then make it bold.  It provides the clarity between an accidental mishap, and an intentional fashion statement.  I’m not talking about small polka dots on a blouse and a slightly larger polka dot on a pant, but rather a paisley sweater, and a bold color block maxi skirt, if you’re going to go all out!  But how much print and texture mixture is acceptable, and when is it too much?  I’m sure there are rules around when too much pattern is really too much, but no need to worry, as those rules will soon be broken too!


– capri.

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