White shoes with a side of curl

I cannot think of a really good reason (not immediately off the top of my head) that anyone should every wear white dress shoes.  White tennis shoes or other casual shoes, I can understand.  But I’ve never been a fan of white dress shoes.   Where are you supposed to wear them?  Church, I suppose (ugh, is church somehow the place where fashion goes to die?!? that’s not cool).   I’ve seen them in the work office and it makes me cringe.  I’ve seen them out in public and I want nothing more but to accidentally spill red paint all over them.  It’s even worse when they curl up in the front.  No one should ever wear white dress shoes that curl up in the front, or ANY shoes that curl up in the front, for that matter.   It’s unacceptable.

I guess we must address shoes that curl up in the front in another episode.  The white dress shoe saga has me exhausted.


-capri.White Dress Shows