Yellow Church Suits and other ridiculousness

Yellow Church SuitStyle for me has not always been easy.  It’s a learned process to know what works well together, what compliments something, and what is plain out ridiculous.  I didn’t always know that “church” clothes were not the same as work clothes.


My first day of work on my very first job, I wore a pale yellow untailored skirt suit with shoulder pads, some “not my flesh”-tone stockings, and brown “church” shoes.  I was hopeless.  No one approached me, that didn’t feel sorry for me, or possibly think I was a part of some Corporate Citizenship initiative to help poor helpless new hires.


One day I would figure it out, but I would be lying if I said it was a quick turnaround.  I continued to wear church clothes to work.  But eventually I started paying attention.   Paying attention to those people that seemed to attract others effortlessly.  Those people that demanded attention without ever pleading.  Those people that had this subtle element about them.  I wanted that too.


That’s when my journey began to figure out what that element was…