All That Matters Is What You Believe!

“All that matters is what you believe.”  That phrase my business coach declared ruminates in my mind constantly as it’s changed my thoughts about my beliefs and the impact they have on my life. 

If all that matters is what I believe, then I want to make sure that my beliefs are powerful, as they will dictate the quality of my life. 

The dictionary defines “belief” as the “acceptance by the mind that something is true or real, often underpinned by an emotional or spiritual sense of certainty.”  Beliefs are the lens through which you view the world, and they are accompanied by the energy that feeds our body’s behavior. 

Each of us lives within and operates out of a complex set of beliefs that define us and the world in which we live. Beliefs create our reality —the way in which we process the sea of information that comes in through our five major sense organs all day long.  You can look at your beliefs as a filtering tool as to what you allow to hold space and make meaning in your life.

That which we believe to be true, we tend to perceive and experience as being true. We rarely question our beliefs, which is why they tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies. As long as beliefs remain unchallenged, they shape your perceptions and direct your actions at often a subconscious level.

So, what happens if your beliefs are limited, small…stagnant?  What if your beliefs limit the quality of your life? 

Limiting beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves about who we are that hold us back from becoming who we are meant to be. 

I didn’t realize how much my beliefs were impacting the quality of my life until I started to unpack them, question them, and evaluate those beliefs that were no longer serving my highest good.

Here are essential questions that my Coach asked me that have me unpacking my Belief System.

  1. What do I believe about myself? 
  2. What do I believe about myself as it relates to (fill in the blank with a topic)?
  3. What could be true if you were to challenge your beliefs?

My responses to these questions helped me realize what was sitting at the foundation of my beliefs, and how it was shaping how expansive I was allowing (or not allowing) my life to be.  (Hint: it wasn’t as expansive as my highest self could realize.)

Ask yourself these same questions to see what comes up for you.

If you are struggling with an old belief that is not giving you the quality of life that you desire, you should evaluate those as well.  I have a way to categorize my old belief system as “b.s.”.  Those beliefs that are no longer serving me become old “b.s.” that I can get rid of.  What old b.s. do you need to trash? 

I deeply believe that we are all capable of living a life that is beyond our wildest dreams, and it’s all a matter of what we believe!

If you need help evaluating your beliefs and creating a life that is in support of your highest good, I can help with that.  Book a discovery call with me today to learn more about how I can help.