I have cracked the code on living a spiritually-aligned life that is deeply fulfilling.  I am not only excited, but convicted to share it with those women who also seek more joy and alignment in their lives. I have a calling to share the key strategies from my own personal journey to lighten the load for others on a similar path. And…I have incorporated all of this richness into my 8-week transformational experience that was […]

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On Trust and Certainty

I feel like January existed as a month of rest and restoration for me.  The year 2023 felt like it flew by and I needed a little more time to just be still; not hurry.  My work really started this month (hence the timing of this newsletter).  And I gave myself all of the grace to let it flow as such and I hope you will as well.  So what I’m really saying is “Happy

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The Top 3 Reasons Why I Believe Only Human Connection Will Deliver Our Nation From Its Declining-health Crisis

Happy Holidays!  As I reflect on this holiday season, I can’t think of a better time to think about connection. I hope that you take (or make) time to be with your loved ones as much as you can and truly be present in the moment, without phones or other distractions.  Deep human connection truly is a healing serum. I attended a women’s leadership conference last month and I realized the power of human connection. 

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All That Matters Is What You Believe!

“All that matters is what you believe.”  That phrase my business coach declared ruminates in my mind constantly as it’s changed my thoughts about my beliefs and the impact they have on my life.  If all that matters is what I believe, then I want to make sure that my beliefs are powerful, as they will dictate the quality of my life.  The dictionary defines “belief” as the “acceptance by the mind that something is

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Joyful Living

I recently took a CliftonStrengths™ assessment and my #1 personality trait was Positivity. I immediately thought “That’s so on brand!” So there’s no confusion about my obsession with high-energy positive people and surroundings. Honestly, I want every day to be sunny and perfect (like that almost annoying feels-staged type of perfection). And I realize that’s not realistic, even as much as I (think I) want it to be. I realize that there are highs and

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