A makeup call was a wakeup call!

A little makeup goes a long way – we wanted to use this blog to share a special testimony of a client that used makeup to spice up her relationship… “My  Makeup session renewed my relationship with makeup. I’m a 38 year old wife and mother of three daughters. My family had only seen me with makeup on in pictures from high school. I started wearing makeup when I was 15 years old but stopped […]

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Breakin’ rules

In the world of fashion, rules are made to be broken.  And these rules vary by what’s trendy and hot.  For example, mixing prints, patterns and textures is currently trendy, where in the past, that was considered tacky and labeled a “don’t”.  You would see someone wearing a polka dot sweater and a pinstriped pencil skirt (with various color patterns as well) and you would cringe; now we approve and applaud. I think if you

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Focus and balance…your outfit

I think everyone should invest in a full length mirror.  It could be the difference between wearing those electric blue pumps with the same electric blue color A-line dress and the blue scarf, that you love, or breaking the color with a patent leather black pump or maybe a skinny belt.  Granted all of the blue pieces are adorable (and match perfectly), but it’s an electric blue bomb…too much.  Let the color of the dress

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White shoes with a side of curl

I cannot think of a really good reason (not immediately off the top of my head) that anyone should every wear white dress shoes.  White tennis shoes or other casual shoes, I can understand.  But I’ve never been a fan of white dress shoes.   Where are you supposed to wear them?  Church, I suppose (ugh, is church somehow the place where fashion goes to die?!? that’s not cool).   I’ve seen them in the

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Yellow Church Suits and other ridiculousness

Style for me has not always been easy.  It’s a learned process to know what works well together, what compliments something, and what is plain out ridiculous.  I didn’t always know that “church” clothes were not the same as work clothes.   My first day of work on my very first job, I wore a pale yellow untailored skirt suit with shoulder pads, some “not my flesh”-tone stockings, and brown “church” shoes.  I was hopeless. 

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