Self Care

Self-care, especially during these challenging times, is paramount.  It is so important that you slow down long enough to evaluate the different areas of your life and make sure that they are receiving the proper attention that they need for you to live a well-balanced life.  

Let’s talk about self-care and how you can get some in your life today! 

What is self-care?

Self-care is any intentional act of managing your wellness.  Self-care is so important because it allows you to build and restore yourself so that you have energy to give back to the world.   

What are the types of self-care?

There are four types of self-care that are essential that you balance in your life.  You may not maximize all of these areas all the time, but the important idea is that you find balance by practicing self-care in these areas during different times in your journey.

  1. Psychological – I practice a lot in this space as a Coach.  It includes self-awareness, personal development, meditation, counseling and coaching (ahem!).  Your psychological wellness is so important and I would argue is at the basis of all of the other areas, because it garners your thoughts.  And without healthy thinking, you may not be able to motivate yourself to practice the other areas.  
  2. Physical – This area is about your body and your image.  It includes unplugging from social media, de-cluttering your space, exercising, eating healthy, and taking time off.  If you work in a corporate job, this can mean taking the Paid Time Off (PTO) that you are allocated without guilt, and not letting it accumulate. For me it also includes my “slay fund” where I budget to have my nails, hair and other things enhanced so that I feel well-groomed which makes me feel great!
  3. Spiritual – I love this space!  As I write this, I am listening to meditation music and practicing my breathing.  Your spiritual wellness can include meditation, prayer, yoga, or time to connect with nature (give me some trees and a cool breeze any day!).  This is where I find restoration and peace.  I use my spiritual time to connect with God and re-center anything that may have caused me to get off of balance in everyday life.  
  4. Emotional – This area is about your heart. Your emotional wellness in impacted by your relationships. To rebuild in this area, you should spend time with the people that you care about.  Set boundaries with your time so that people that drain your energy are not occupying this space constantly.  It also includes your intimate relationship and quality time with a partner (if you choose to have one) or close friends. 

How do I implement self-care?

  1. I choose something that I’ll do every week from the areas above, I put those things in my calendar, and I honor it.  Do not dishonor yourself by ignoring these scheduled things or you will begin to teach yourself that you are not worthy of that care (check out my blog about ‘keeping promises to yourself’).  I make sure that I connect with others as well as schedule time for just me. I find that I give myself the best care in the morning, so I schedule that time to do the activities that I love, and I don’t sacrifice it. 
  2. I say ‘no’. I’ve started practicing saying ‘no’ more often which allows me more time to say ‘yes’ to those things that truly matter to me.  This means that I am selective with my time and I set boundaries so that I do not overwork or overcommit myself to too many things and risk any burnout. 

Self-care is truly a lifestyle of forming healthy habits, not just treating yourself here and there.  When you consistently take care of yourself, others benefit from the richness and overflow that you have to offer from your full cup.  If you don’t have anything inside then you don’t have anything to give back. Give yourself permission to fill your cup by taking care of yourself. Unapologetically.  

Interested in seeing more on my thoughts about self care? Check out my IG LIVE video about Self Care!