“I believe in women’s personal power to have an undeniable impact on this world, and I want to help them embrace it”

What I do

I serve as a catalyst for women to uncover their inner “beauty” (confidence, self-awareness, and purpose) and awaken their outer beauty (style and personal brand) to show up fully in their personal power and run unapologetically into their purpose.

What I'm doing

I am currently the Co-Founder of Inspire Her: Confidence. Our team organizes women’s leadership conferences  to help inspire women to reach their upmost potential, by giving them a toolkit to accelerate into their purpose.  

I Coach

Real. Relevant. Relatable.

Capri Brand offers coaching services to ambitious women who may sometimes “do too much”.  With our practice you will learn how “doing too much” can block you from fulfilling your purpose, and come to accept your value as you already are. Stop feeling like you’re not enough, work with Capri Brand and I’ll teach you how to show up in your power and unlock the tools to unapologetically fulfill your purpose.

I Coach

I Speak

I speak to students, organization leads, employees and executives on the power of their personal brand.  My dynamic presence and interactive approach keeps the audience engaged and allows them to walk away with practical tools that they can apply right away.  Although my content targets women, the message transcends gender You own your personal brand and have the tools to make it as powerful as you intend.

I Teach $ Train

Investing In Your Team Is an Essential Part of Growing Your Organization

Investing in your team is an essential part of growing your organization.  Let Capri Brand teach your group and prepare them for the next level of leadership.  

My story

Capri is my middle name and the word ‘Capri’ means visionary or having an unrestrained imagination.  And it is appropriate for the vision of the work that Capri Brand does.  We can envision and see beauty in everything.  There is also an art to beautification; finding, cultivating, and polishing that beauty is a personal journey.  It is a quest for self-mastery.  Capri Brand is here to help you on your journey of continued beautification. Capri Brand is a personal branding company and coaching practice that allows women to feel safe to share their true desires and tap into their innate beauty of who they are without judgment or expectation so that they feel confident to fulfill their purpose.   This practice is Real. Relevant. Relatable. 

Capri Brand strives to accept and create a safe space for us to tap into our innate beauty without judgment or expectation so that we feel confident to fulfill our purpose.  We are real because we tap into our innate beauty without judgment or expectation; we are relevant because we are always striving for constant improvement ourselves by studying, analyzing, and applying life’s daily lessons; and we are relatable because we accept ourselves just as we are and therefore can accept you just as you are.


“This wasn’t just about a makeover or a wardrobe overhaul. It was about unveiling who I already am. My style was just one way that I could confidently present myself—beautiful, creative, passionate and quirky—to the world. Myra’s words still echo in my head and serve as a positive reminder: ‘You’ve already got it!'”

Amanda P. White
Design and Marketing Consultant

“Myra provided relevant and informative information to help employees build their personal brand. Her cool and collected delivery was very relatable. I walked away with several tips to implement immediately to be a better me.”

Ashley Layne, Ed. D.
Program Director- Office of Engagement, Atlanta Public School