Why I Birthed
Capri Brand

I didn’t ‘wake up like this’.  Most of my adolescent years I struggled with image issues and insecurities.  I didn’t feel pretty enough. I didn’t think people saw me.   Maybe deep down inside, I didn’t think I deserved to be seen. 

As I spent the time investing in myself, I learned the value of self-worth.  Over time, I realized I hadn’t had to transform into the idealized standards of beauty that I’d been fed for years from mainstream media.  All the “faults” I falsely believed made me less attractive hadn’t been eliminated. I didn’t wake up looking like a supermodel. I was still Myra … the little girl who believed her skin was too dark, her glasses too thick and her hair too short.  That was the moment I began to truly wake up. My beauty wasn’t solely defined by any external traits. My beauty was unique to me and started with some inner work on myself. I began to define my own beauty.

 Are you lost in that dark place of not only not knowing what your unique beauty is … maybe even believing you may not have any true beauty of your own?  Do you believe that confidence is something that belongs to other people … maybe people born with it … but it’s not something you’ll ever embody or convey? 

Let me help you adjust the lens you’re using to see yourself.  When your vision is healed and you truly see YOUR beauty, confidence is inevitable.