“I believe in women’s personal power to have an undeniable impact on this world, and I want to help them embrace it”

What I do

Your Style Matters! Capri Brand was created to streamline your style and reflect your individuality.  A carefully selected wardrobe can speak volumes before you even say a word.

I Speak

Real. Relevant. Relatable.

I speak to students, organization leads, employees and executives on the power of their personal brand.  My dynamic presence and interactive approach keeps the audience engaged and allows them to walk away with practical tools that they can apply right away.  Although my content targets women, the message transcends gender You own your personal brand and have the tools to make it as powerful as you intend.



I Consult and Style

I Help Women Define Their Beauty By Curating Looks That Fit Them. 

I help women define their beauty by curating looks that fit them.

Capri Brand believes that your personal brand says more about you than the words that come out of your mouth. How you present your personal brand tells your story before you even shake hands with someone (in fact, it may determine if someone even wants to meet you at all!)


I Teach and Train

Investing In Your Team Is an Essential Part of Growing Your Organization

Investing in your team is an essential part of growing your organization.  Let Capri Brand teach your group and prepare them for the next level of leadership.  


My story

I serve as a catalyst for women to uncover their inner “beauty” (confidence, self-awareness, and purpose) and awaken their outer beauty (style, makeup, and overall image) to show up fully in their personal power and run unapologetically into their purpose.


“This wasn’t just about a makeover or a wardrobe overhaul. It was about unveiling who I already am. My style was just one way that I could confidently present myself—beautiful, creative, passionate and quirky—to the world. Myra’s words still echo in my head and serve as a positive reminder: ‘You’ve already got it!'”

Amanda P. White
Design and Marketing Consultant