“I believe in women’s personal power to have an undeniable impact on this world, and I want to help them embrace it”

What I do

Your Style Matters! Capri Brand was created to streamline your style and reflect your individuality.  A carefully selected wardrobe can speak volumes before you even say a word.

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“This wasn’t just about a makeover or a wardrobe overhaul. It was about unveiling who I already am. My style was just one way that I could confidently present myself—beautiful, creative, passionate and quirky—to the world. Myra’s words still echo in my head and serve as a positive reminder: ‘You’ve already got it!'”

Amanda P. White
Design and Marketing Consultant

My story

I teach the importance of tapping into your inner “beauty” (confidence, self-awareness, purpose) and letting that unlock your outer beauty (style, makeup, overall image) to show up fully in your personal power.